The Meta-modern Architectural Firm of the Philippines
Architects specializing in parametric design and business approaches for commercial building designs and real estate Philippines.
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Manila’s Meta-modern Architects

We love people with dreams and the aspirations that move them.
Our architecture are inspired by stories of visions, struggles, and great possibilities.

Meta-modern architecture firm for new house design, commercial property, hotels, museum, and shopping malls designs.

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Our Design Philosophy

The new architecture encourages collaborative stories. We look to what compels people and what motivates their every day to get to where they want to be. And we shape these hopes and dreams into new forms inspired by flexible architectural programs, culture of technologies, and interdisciplinary exchanges.


The Agenda

The postmodern era based solely on functional boxed spaces is quite limiting. Architecture for us now is about establishing lives. We want to secure aspirations that can grow and bridge for future generations. And with such, we value legacies that are built upon the confidence in one’s architect and the opportunities for embracing uniqueness.

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Metamodern Architecture is for the NOW


Our architectural design service is motivated by empathy. Whether for homes, in the workplace, for cultural or commercial projects, the level of design sensitivity to owner aspirations, building performance, and grounded aesthetic sensibilities are our collective driving force.

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BIM / Parametric Technology

We love technologies. The essence of parametric Building Information Modelling is about permutations and performance. We leverage on various 3D technologies from Visualizations, Virtual Reality, Simulations, Energy Analysis, to Web Programming and Software Development.

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Design Ideas


Hours Of Render


Cups Of Coffee




We help clients overcome retail and commercial real estate concerns in the Philippines by providing strategies and design potentials of each individual location considering competitive environments, life-cycle costs, project branding, and business orientation.

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Our architecture looks into the contemporary and the future. We handhold stakeholders in designing and building innovative, business oriented, and ecologically sound projects that are meant to stand on their own and out from the rest.

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Meta-modern Fulgar Architects is one of the top architecture firms in the Philippines for house design, commercial property, hotels, museum, condominium buildings and shopping malls designs.

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