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Fulgar Architects Philippine Natural and Artificial Lighting in Commercial Buildings

Natural and Artificial Lighting in Commercial Buildings

Most owners would insist on the inclusion of natural lighting in residential project designs that brings a certain cheer or charm to a room or space, but is it really necessary with commercial buildings? Reports do prove that natural lighting contribute to the increase of occupant productivity and comfort. A carefully laid...

How To Spot Winning Properties Like An Architect

You may be contemplating on getting into the property markets here in the Philippines either for long-term family investment or development projects on the side. Although shopping around for good deals, securing a bargain, or trying to pick out the better lot in a village is...

Fulgar Architects Online Philippine Architecture and Technology Studio

Philippine Architecture and Real Estate Online

Fulgar Architects embarks on a mission to help entrepreneurs and businesses get into commercial real estate development with charged confidence. We investigate our unique local tropical conditions, arts & culture, growing urban requirements, as well as upcoming parametric design and building technologies to innovate and express the next...

Fulgar Architects

3 Key Strata of Sustainable Design

Back when I was putting together the concept behind surface appliance as a means to gather and monitor real-time surrounding data with the Thymotecture Project, I was developing a system for multi-sensors and needed to find a framework on how exactly measurements should be taken. So whether in...

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